Optical Processing Machine

Lasermeister Series: Metal processing machine equipped with functions of additive manufacturing and measurement.

More convenient and easier metal modeling. The Lasermeister series is an easy- and safe-to-use machine that Nikon developed based on the concept of "Devices that anyone can use" so that anyone could easily try its metal modeling technology.

Introductory video

This video introduces the product concept of Nikon's Lasermeister series of optical processing machines, the design and product features based on that concept, and metal processing and other applications of the series.

  • *The product that appears in this video is the entry model, the “Lasermeister 100A.”

Features of the Lasermeister series

Easy to use, with a built-in 3D alignment system, Five-axis modeling system, Various metal powder types, Lightweight, compact, and designed for safety

Easy to use, with a built-in 3D alignment system

You can easily use the Lasermeister series without initial set-ups.

You can easily use the Lasermeister series because the 3D alignment function automatically positions the object to be modeled, which eliminates the need for cumbersome positioning after you place the base.

Optimization using modeling software

Optimization of modeling parameters using our proprietary modeling simulation technology contributes to an increase in the yield of modeled products.

Nikon’s modeling method

Nikon uses a modeling method that makes it possible to perform additional modeling on existing parts in addition to the general 3D printer method in which parts are modeled on a base plate.

You can use both modeling methods

Diverse processing functions

The Lasermeister series meet a variety of metal processing needs.

Modeling and additive manufacturing
You can add to or repair existing parts in addition to normal modeling.
You can draw a JPEG image or engrave a serial number on metal surfaces.
You can decrease surface roughness by slightly melting the surface.
The welding function is easy to use.

Five-axis modeling system

The five-axis mechanism provides significantly enhanced design flexibility with more flexible modeling angles.

Additional processing of existing parts

Owing to the flexible design made possible by the five-axis modeling system, the Lasermeister series, unlike 3D printers, can freely perform additional processing on existing parts. The Lasermeister series enable diverse metal modeling, thereby providing enhanced functionality and strength with flexible design.

Repair of cracking and damage

The Lasermeister series can directly process a cracked or damaged portion to restore it to its original shape. This makes parts replacement unnecessary, thereby achieving cost and waste reduction.

Various metal powder types available

A wide variety of metal types can be used in Lasermeister series.

Powder for modeling Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)
High-speed steel
Nickel based alloys
Metallic powder designated by Nikon

Lightweight, compact, and designed for safety

The Lasermeister series are much more compact than conventional products, having only a small footprint.

Weight: 1/5 Floor space: Less than 1/10 Volume: Less than 1/100

The safety of the Lasermeister series were assessed by a third-party certification body according to European Standards. So, you can use it with peace of mind.

Safety assessment conducted by a thirdparty certification body

Modeling samples

The optical precision modeling technology makes various kinds of processing possible, including producing small metallic parts (metal 3D printer) and polishing surfaces.

Products information

Item LM102A 《New》 LM101A LM100A
Dimensions (W×D×H) [mm] 850 × 750 × 1750 850 × 750 × 1700
Number of drive axes 5 axis 3 axis
Maximum processing dimensions (X×Y×Z) [mm] Φ 150 × 150 297 × 210 × 200
Powder for modeling SUS316L
SKH51 *4
Nickel based alloy (718) *4
Titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V)
Tilt stage
High-efficiency powder nozzle *1
Melt pool feedback *2
Powder supply feedback *3

Introduction of the Lasermeister Technology Center

Since the release of the Lasermeister 100A optical processing machine, the Lasermeister Technology Center opened in the Nikon Kumagaya Plant. The center offers not only opportunities to have a hands-on metal processing experience, but also technical consultation. A reservation is required in advance for the use of the facility.


Address 201-9 Miizugahara, Kumagaya, Saitama, Japan
Business hours 10:00–17:00
(every day except Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and Nikon's holiday breaks)
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